This is iSy®

Efficient workflows for the benefit of the patients

The iSy® Implant System is an intelligent implant concept for modern dental practices. It enables an optimized value creation chain and highly efficient workflows. iSy is designed for time-optimized workflows and reduced surgery with its packaging concept, the drilling sequence, and the pre-mounted implant base.

iSy is connected perfectly to computer aided design and fabrication processes via various interfaces for oral and laboratory scans. Whereby it makes no difference here, whether you work with a chairside system, a labside system or an external CAD/CAM service provider. With its “one click, one scan, one shift” concept, iSy is a true alternative for everyone working with CEREC® (Dentsply Sirona). Some work steps are eliminated completely with iSy, others are considerably simplified.

iSy creates added value for users and addresses the wishes of patients: as little surgery as possible, short treatment times, and a perfect cost-benefit ratio.


To the iSy CAD libraries

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