Science and practice

For scientific documentation, special prints and case reports relating to BioHorizons Camlog products, see below. Please be aware that all reprints and illustrations are copyright protected. Any use outside the limits as defined by copyright law is not permitted without the express permission of the publisher and authors concerned.

Semper W. et al.

Effects of repeated manual disassembly
Study Summary 2010

Krennmair G. et al. (2 publications) Nelson K. et al. (1 publication)

Implant-supported maxillary overdentures
Study Summary 2008

Ozkan Y. et al.

Three-year treatment outcomes
Study Summary 2007

Special prints
Gómez Meda R., Spain

Successful immediate implant loading – According to the Socket Shield Technique
Case report 02/2021

Special prints
Ruppin J.-M.

One-year clinical experience with Progressive-Line implants
EDI Journal 2020, Teamwork Media

Special prints
Conserva E.

Initial stability after placement of a new buttress-threaded implant
implants journal 2019

Special prints
Ulrici et al.

Retrospective analysis of cases treated with iSy Implants in three dental practices: one-year follow-up
ZZI 2015

Special prints
Becker J. et al.

Preservation of crestal bone level at non-submerged CAMLOG titanium implants with standard or platform switched confi guration
2009, CAMLOG

Special prints
Kirsch A. et al.

Implant Placement and Immediate Final Rehabilitation
EDI Journal 2009, Teamwork Media

Special prints
Masur R. et al.

Functional Evaluation of Screw Implants in Combination with Reduced-diameter Abutments
EDI Journal 2009, Teamwork Media